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Meet our Collaborators 

I have never read or heard of a company, organization or entity that was successfully built with only the resources of one person. My interactions and experiences as a Speech-Language Pathologist have allowed me to cross paths with the most creative, organized, intelligent and progressive thinkers.


These  thinkers are reflected through various roles including teachers, therapist (Occupational, Physical and  Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist), stay at home moms, experienced home schooling educators and other exceptional Speech-language Pathologists. They have successfully align to and contribute to the educational pathways provided through our courses and resources. 


Elan Hutchinson
Speech-Language Pathologist, M.S., CCC-SLP
Public Speaker + Presenter 

Specialization: Education of speech and language techniques for multiple environments, fun-based and creative learning, and  transformational coach for paradigm shifts (mindset shift) for positive thinking and abundant life.  

Our Clients

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