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"Change your environment and mindset, drastically change the course of your live
-E. Jolee

It started with a desire to change my life....

The Story 



I'm Elan! I am a Speech-Language Pathologist, hippie at heart, rebounding (mini-trampoline workout) and a dope mom! (Hype yourself up).

I created The Speech Box International initially  to ditch my 9-5 and have more time freedom while having total creative control over my company and it's growth. 

Here we are, over three (3) years later and my vision has drastically changed and matured. At the end of 2021, I joined a personal development coaching program due to wanting to do more with my life and my business.

I dug deep into my pockets to pay for the year-long program and changed my life. I  have become a servant of people thus my vision of S-Box is to serve communities and people who need assistance with suggestions for speech and language techniques, require mindset shifts as it relates to their progress or relative's, reprogramming to under manifestation and awareness towards positive thinking in any situation and other dynamic services (e.g. monthly theme educational calendars for at-home activities). 

Our dynamic education courses are designed for parents, teachers, educational institutes, Speech-Language Pathologist, as well as children and adult daycare staff. Our courses are for anyone interested in learning and implementing strategies to improve speech and language challenges within your natural environment.

Disclaimer: A Speech-Language Pathologist is always recommended. These courses are strictly educational tools to either assist family members or staff with the speech therapy process or fill in the gaps where a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist is not available. 

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