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Elan Hutchinson-Ray, M.S., CCC-SLP

Born and raised in The Bahamas.

Graduated with a Masters degree from Howard University. 

PROMPT Certified 

Experienced in both the educational and medical setting.


Vital Stem Certified 

Creativity and Adaptable 

Raw Vegan 

The Speech Tool-Box was established in October 2018. It is owned and operated by licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Elan Hutchinson, M.S., CCC-SLP.  After spending a few years in the public school and medical setting as a full time Speech-Language Pathologist, she felt the urgency to branch out in a way that would create the most natural approach to speech-language therapy. Her approach is based on five essential elements: nature (familiar environments), customized materials, collaboration, education and mindfulness.   

  • Nature: The Speech Tool-Box is based on the belief that the most effective way to address speech and/or language goals is by either providing services in a natural environment (e.g. home, grocery store and/or mall) or incorporating familiar environmental elements within a session. We believe that learning and improvement takes place in various settings.

  • Materials: Familiar materials are essential when addressing speech and/or language challenges. We incorporate and promote familiar, natural and realistic materials that support independence, growth and activities of daily living (ADL). Items within the client's environment may be used to address the impairment along with customized materials and adaptable items in a way that establishes a common understanding between the therapist, client, parents (if a child), and other individuals within the client's environment. This in turn fosters carryover within multiple settings. 

  • Collaboration: When working with a client, whether an adult, child or infant, collaborating with those within his or her environment is essential. At The Speech Tool-Box, LLC, we work and educate the family, teachers, and clients etc in ways to support speech and language therapy. Our structured collaboration promotes carryover, maintenance of progress and/or continued improvement. 

  • Education: Consistency in carryover is established through education of all individuals involved in the client's immediate environment.  We provide education on maintaining carryover at home, adding structure when necessary and providing ideas for speech and/or language activities for multiple settings. 

  • Mindfulness: An essential element of the Speech Tool-Box, LLC is promoting and/or improving the mind including confidence in not only the client but also family members. We focus on the person and their ability to communicate effectively instead of the impairment.  An act of being mindful is to be aware. 

"The Speech Tool-Box, LLC is the birth of creativity and an holistic approach to speech-language therapy. It takes individuality to the next level ."

- Elan Hutchinson, M.S., CCC-SLP

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